Tuesday, May 26, 2009


MAY 26, 2009 (8::55 pm EDT)


Here's the dill-e-yo:

I DVR-ed an awesome Lifetime movie and my sworn enemy, Time Warner Cable, mucked it all up. It kept skipping and freezing and, ugh, this is horrible.

So, I looked up the LMN schedule and the movie is being replayed at 6am tomorrow. It's called Girl. I don't think it will beat The Wives He Forgot, but this is clearly in the running to be the second best rated movie in the long, sporadic history of this here web log. The "Hey! It's That Guy!" score is going to be off the charts.

So, if you see this before 6am on May 27, set your DVRs to Girl. Let's share in this together. As friends.



P.S. I can only imagine how annoying these programming notes are if you are using what the kids call an RSS feed. I'm sorry. But I promise the Girl review, assuming this records properly, will be good.

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Anonymous said...

No - I AM using an RSS feed, and I love it! I never get the chance to see the movie BEFORE the review comes out! Excellent. Can't wait.