Monday, April 19, 2010

More Programming

Well, I said I'd give people more advance, so here we go:

Next Wednesday (4/21/10) at 10pm, Lifetime Movie Network will be showing Cheaters' Club. I've actually seen this one before, back in 1 BLW (Before Lifetime Wow). Other than Fifteen and Pregnant and When Friendship Kills, this was my first Lifetime movie. And I clearly enjoyed it since a few weeks later this blog came to pass.

So won't you watch this with me this Wednesday so we can compare notes?


Brista said...

The summary is as follows:

A controversial therapist assembles a group of discontented wives and prescribes using adultery as a way to save their failing marriages. As if that weren't bizarre enough, there also happens to be a stalker who has more-deadly plans for this group of women!

How can this be anything other than AWESOME?

Anonymous said...

Weird, my friend was just talking about "15 and Pregnant" yesterday. Remember when Kirsten Dunst said she would never be "stupid" enough to get knocked up in some teen magazine and all the teen moms wrote angry letters?

Sheena said...

Please tell me you're going to review "Accused at 17". It was pure lifetimey goodness. I actually stopped doing homework and watched that one.