Monday, August 17, 2009

Lifetime, Wow Welcomes the Input of Project Runway Contestant Kelli Martin

I moved to Columbus a little over a year ago. Which worked out, because the last season of Project Runway had some definite C-Bus roots. Two contestants from that season, Kelli Martin and Terri Stevens, could be seen around town. They were both favorites in the Rusty household and, in my opinion, they both got jobbed.

Season Five came and went and then there was the winter period. The hiatus. I spent that time finding full time employment, playing Rock Band, and buying a coffee table.

But not just any coffee table! A secondhand coffee table. From Kelli. Because of some ridiculous construction north of campus* where she kept shop, her store closed. And in the fire sale, I got myself a table and an in.

(*In Columbus, any detail beyond just "campus" is redundant.)

When Lifetime finally got the rights to Project Runway, I was saddened because Bravo did a pretty good job of it. But I was also ecstatic that I could write about one of my favorite shows. The problem was, well, me. I love the show but I don't know a god damned thing about fashion. Or fabric. Or style. I still wear sweater vests and carpenter jeans for Christ's sake.

So to write about Project Runway, I knew I would need help. So, I thought, maybe Kelli will help me. Couldn't hurt to ask, right?

Well, hurt it did not. Ms. Martin has graciously accepted my invitation to talk about the episodes with me (and Terri [my girlfriend, not the former contestant] and Harmony too). I hope to get more insight on the level of difficulty of the challenges, of the editing tricks the producers are using, and, of course, what a former contestant thinks of the fashion.

So please look for updates here every Friday around noon to see what we think. Worst case scenario, is that this partnership doesn't work out and you get more of my ramblings and some pictures of dresses up on this piece. And is that really so bad?


Sadako said...

Sweet, I love anything PR related. I'll be sure to check back for this.

whoabecca said...

this is amazing.

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